Weekly game jam week 113 Submission

An asteroid hurtles towards earth as a lone hero takes flight. Only 5 minutes to save the world, can you make it?

-Move mouse to move
-Meteors slow you down
-Stars speed you up
-Pick up a star near max speed to get a period of invincibility

This is my first submission to a jam. All art assets and code were written for this jam. Didn't have time to add sound, but making the sounds with your mouth makes it a lot more fun.

Updated 6 days ago
Made withUnity
TagsFlight, infinite-runner, Space


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Nice job.  I feel like I might have preferred if there were fewer meteors but they did more to you. However that's just a personal preference.

Sorry for the late reply, but that's helpful feedback! I played a lot with the tuning until I was pretty much out of time and submitted it as is. I'll work on balancing better in the next jam!

Thanks for taking the time to comment!